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kitten having vaccinationsKittens can start their vaccination programme as early as 9 weeks of age for the first injection, the second injection is given at 12 weeks of age and your kitten can mix with other cats from 14 weeks of age.

The vaccines are for the diseases; Infectious Enteritis, Cat “Flu” (2 viruses) and Feline Leukaemia.

Vaccination boosters are given at regular annual intervals to boost your cat’s immunity against the relevant diseases. Please do not forget to bring your vaccination certificates to these appointments as you would need proof of vaccinations if your cat was to go into a cattery.


Regular worming is recommended as often as every 3-6 months for the protection of your cat, family and the general public.

Our wormers treat for roundworm and tapeworm (caught from fleas being swallowed by your cat).


kittensNeutering is advisable to prevent unwanted pregnancies and undesirable behaviour.

The surgery can be carried out from as young as three months of age, however our general recommendation is for surgery from 5 – 6 months of age.


identichip catThe microchip is inserted along the back between the shoulder blades and carries a unique 15 digit number specific to your cat.

The number is registered on the national Petlog data base. Reunification with your lost pet is much quicker once the microchip has been scanned and your details retrieved from the Petlog data base.

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